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This exact 13.7meters of beauty was built consciously with the word dive in mind and it’s indeed an MMS success. The idea behind is to bring an idealistic vessel to arrange dive trips, excursions, fishing or even Island Hopping and appeal to businesses such as guesthouses, watersports/dive centers or even for personal purposes of a customer.

The interiors of the vessel were designed with comfort and freedom. greatly facilitated by easy access where you will find more than enough space for your gear and toys. This dive yet multipurpose vessel has state-of-the-art marine fittings and equipments. Specially giving you as a customer the choice to customize the interiors as you wish.

Therefore we say that OC45 is the super boat of MMS with a stability as non no matter high tide or low tide, no matter rough or calm seas this vessel will take on the ocean without any hesitation anyday.