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The company

We started boat building years ago with a lifelong passion for all things related to the sea. We have experience in yachts and diving boats, shing vessels, high speed craft & predominantly cruising launches. We specialize in custom boats providing a client with a 'personalized' vessel rather than a production boat. Our eye for detail in nishing and an ongoing desire to get the best out of any vessel have become the hallmark of our success.

Here at Maldives Marine Services we have a vision for the future and are committed to excellence in marine construction in every vessel we produce. We are able to cater for both local and overseas markets. We have a keen desire to progess in our skill base as new technologies become available we will work closely with suppliers and designers to ensure unconditional integrity in our construction methods.

With a great team of committed boating enthusiasts all with a desire to excel and a well-streamlined project that achieves an undisputed quality result.


MMS has continued to grow and develop in terms of its skill base, project management and refinement of its vessels, as the size of the projects undertaken have increased.

We recognize the key areas of MMS's success and ongoing growth as being our flexibility to customize vessels and contracts to suit each individual customers needs, the quality of finish ofour vessels and the overall efficient and smooth running of each project.

It is our desire to ensure that the construction of the customers‘ vessel is an enjoyable experience achieving exactly the vessel that was intended by its owner.

New facilities were built by MMS in 2004 in the form of new factory space and offices to accommodate the construction of vessels‘ up to 125' in length and the ability to perform almost all work in—house. Quality control being a leading factor in the ongoing success of the company.

Our skilled staff are our greatest asset and crucial to our operation. Our continuing upgrading of all facilities allow improved working conditions, a healthy productive and rewarding working environment.

We have an ongoing training programme with apprentices, enhancing our skill base while providing high quality experienced trades people.

The further streamlining of facilities, systems, machinery, work shop activities and project management will achieve the goals set to position us in our desired place in the new boat market.


Maldives Marine Service Pvt Ltd (MMS) has been awarded the International Quality Summit (IQS) Award of Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D) in New York at 21st International Quality Summit, held May 26th-27th, 2007. Maldives Marine Services was recognized by BID for this award for their excellence in specializing in providing the clients with personalized vessels rather than just production boat.

The International Quality Summit (IQS) Award of B.I.D is awarded to recognize the commitment to quality of awarded companies whose activities cover the top areas of industrial production and services. The award further seeks to identify excellence in leadership and business management.

We at MMS believe that the award is not only a great privilege to the company but also to the entire country.

Message from chairman

Commitment to quality and pride of craftmanship

An important part of satisfaction you get from boating is the pride in owning your boat. The skillful designers, engineers, and craftsmen at MMS know that feeling. They take equal pride in building the kind of boat that gives you this kind of satisfaction.

I think you'll be proud to own a new Ocean craft. Because the design, engineering and materials that have gone into your new Ocean Craft represents the latest thinking in marine technology. It's present in our interior designs that efficiently utilizes every corner of space.

In short, the deck of MMS boats are a great place to be and somewhere you'll want to return again and again.

Ali Hassan